Phase 1:
Recruiting Talent with Disabilities

Find Candidates with Disabilities

The resources listed below will help you identify candidates with disabilities who may be interested in applying to your apprenticeship program. They will also help you understand applicable federal and state laws related to recruiting and hiring apprentices with disabilities.

Connect with Disability- & Apprenticeship-Focused Support Organizations:

There are dozens of organizations connecting employers to candidates with disabilities. We recommend you reach out to these organizations to discuss your hiring goals and learn how they can help you market your apprenticeship program to their candidate pools:

Consider Working with Private Job-Matching Companies

Private job-matching companies, such as Inclusively and Getting Hired, match candidates with disabilities with employers who are committed to hiring people with disabilities. These companies are also good sources of talent for federal contractors who must comply with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or state contractors complying with similar state-level regulations.

Confirm Your Program is Meeting Federal and State Hiring Requirements

Are you a federal contractor or subcontractor running an apprenticeship program? If so, you are likely subject to Section 503 that states federal contractors and subcontractors should aim to have people with disabilities make up 7% of their workforce. Many states have laws to encourage state agencies and private employers to be model employers of people with disabilities.

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