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Apprentice Utilization Requirements

This policy brief explores apprentice utilization policies and their potential to create more demand for apprentices in emerging U.S. industries. The paper also reviews the application of these policies in the healthcare industry and proposes approaches to pilot policies for apprentice utilization in healthcare.

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Hidden Workers: Uncovering Untapped Talent

Research from Accenture shows how hidden workers, including workers with disabilities, can face enormous challenges finding work or increasing their hours. The reason? They’re often screened out early on by hiring processes that rely on recruitment management systems to automatically filter and rank candidates. Hiring hidden workers is not just good for the individuals concerned, it also offers real benefits to the organizations they join. Nearly two-thirds of executives hiring hidden workers report that their new recruits perform “significantly better” than average across a range of key indicators including work ethic, productivity, work quality, attendance and innovation.

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Inclusive Apprenticeships: Increasing Access to Clean Energy Careers for People with Disabilities

According to the 2021 U.S. Energy and Employment Report, a growing number of job opportunities abound in the clean energy sector. This sector includes jobs in industries ranging from electric vehicles to solar power installation. Although there were more than 3 million clean energy-related jobs in 2020, many employers in the clean energy sector reported major challenges in finding skilled candidates to fill positions. Registered Apprenticeship Programs can play a vital role in building talent pipelines to fill the anticipated increase in skilled clean energy positions.

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Secure Your Financial Future: A Toolkit for Individuals with Disabilities

The pandemic has disrupted the personal finances of many Americans. As a result, large numbers of people — including those with disabilities — are making employment–related decisions based on their new financial situation. This toolkit provides a path forward, based on where the individual is in the employment journey, in the following topic areas: Preparing for a Job, Starting a Job, Maintaining a Job, Changing or Losing a Job, and Retiring from a Job — for answers to important questions, including tools and resources to help meet financial goals.

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Inclusive Apprenticeship: A Summary of What We Know About Apprentices with Disabilities

Inclusive apprenticeship programs—those that support and are designed to be inclusive of apprentices with disabilities—hold promise for improving long-term employment outcomes for participants. However, little is known about the prevalence and operations of inclusive apprenticeship programs. This report summarizes current information on experiences of people with disabilities in apprenticeship, drawing on the research literature, interviews with experts on inclusive apprenticeship, and administrative and survey data.

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Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

A leading source of free and confidential expertise and guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment. JAN helps individuals with disabilities enhance employability while offering employers guidance on workplace accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

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