About us

PIA collaborates with employers and apprenticeship intermediaries to design inclusive apprenticeship programs that meet employer talent needs and enable people with disabilities to gain credentials and skills to succeed in growing industries.

How we get there


We collaborate with employers, apprenticeship intermediaries, and people with disabilities to make apprenticeship programs more inclusive.

Create Opportunities

We support apprenticeship intermediaries in recruiting people with disabilities and employers who are interested in offering inclusive apprenticeships.

Focus on Policy

We help grow the programs we support, analyzing and developing policies to ensure successful programs can be scaled nationwide.

Provide Resources

We work with apprenticeship intermediaries and employers to identify and create the resources they need to structure and sustain inclusive apprenticeship programs.

Our partners

Office of Disability Employment Policy Wheelhouse Group Logo
The Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA) is an initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and managed by Wheelhouse Group. Our partners include:


Social Policy Research (SPR) Associates provides research, evaluation, and technical assistance services to federal, state, and local workforce and education organizations. SPR works with PIA to assist in building communities of practice, document promising practices, and provide subject matter expertise to advance inclusive apprenticeship programs.

Apprenti expands access to higher wage, tech apprenticeships for persons with disabilities and other diverse populations. Apprenti works with PIA to field test and generate best practices that increase representation of people with disabilities in the tech sector and in registered apprenticeships.

PIA Staff

Lauren Rabb

Director of AIO Engagement

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Alex Winn

Director of Clean Energy

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Danielle Germain

Director of Operations

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Devin Boyle

Director of Communications

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Julia Kim

Senior Analyst

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Senior Analyst, Workforce Development

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