The Value of Inclusive Apprenticeships

There are significant financial benefits to offering an inclusive apprenticeship program and hiring people with disabilities as apprentices. Apprenticeship intermediaries are eligible for incentives to support their programs and reduce costs, and, in turn, employers who make inclusion a priority and actively recruit and hire apprenticeship graduates (especially those with disabilities) can save time and money throughout all stages of the employment process.

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military medal with a star on it.Veterans Spotlight

smiling man in military uniform hugging smiling daughterApprenticeships for Veterans

Apprenticeship programs designed to be inclusive can open up career opportunities for Veterans and are a low-cost way for employers to build a pipeline of trained workers. Learn more:

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Tony GranilloTony’s Apprenticeship Journey

Tony Granillo served in the Army for 14 years until he suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries. Tony applied to and was accepted into the Apprenti program to prepare for his dream job in the tech sector. Through Apprenti, he secured an apprenticeship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and was later offered a full-time position at AWS as a Solutions Architect.

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Designing Inclusive Apprenticeships Guide
A Guide for Recruiting & Training Apprentices with Disabilities

Perspectives Guide on Apprenticeship
What Employers Should Know About the Value of Inclusive Apprenticeship Programs

Value of Inclusive Apprenticeships
Find tips for calculating the return on investment of inclusive apprenticeship

Advancing Your Career Through Inclusive Apprenticeship
An apprenticeship program does more than just train you for a job. It can provide you with the skills you need to have a successful, lifelong career.

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Creating a Truly Inclusive Workplace: A Conversation Between Colleagues with Disabilities

Headshots of Devin Boyle, Jessica Miller-Merrell, Alexa Huth, Ashley CoffeyEpisode 14: Four colleagues at Wheelhouse Group, who lead the PIA & PEAT initiatives as prime contractors, come together to discuss their personal experiences as employees with disabilities. Based on their lived experiences as individuals with mental health disabilities, visual impairment and substance use disorder, they offer their advice on what employers and fellow team members can do to create a truly inclusive and stigma free workplace.

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Webinar – Inclusive Apprenticeships: Shaping Your Community’s Workforce

Communities across the country are turning to apprenticeship programs to build a skilled workforce. When these programs are designed to be inclusive, they can support your local organizations as they build more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplaces.

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What is PIA?

PIA collaborates with employers and apprenticeship intermediaries to design inclusive apprenticeship programs that meet employer talent needs and enable people with disabilities to gain credentials and skills to succeed in growing industries. Learn more about PIA.

Taking apprenticeships to the next level

Apprenticeship programs help employers train their future workforce and enable individuals to gain paid work experience and training. The Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA) helps design diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible apprenticeship programs that are available to all.

Benefits of inclusive apprenticeships

  • Inclusive apprenticeships help employers build a diverse and inclusive workforce of trained professionals, and employers that invest in hiring persons with disabilities receive financial benefits.
  • Inclusive apprenticeship programs create employment opportunities for people with cognitive, physical, mental health, and sensory disabilities.
  • People with disabilities enrolled in inclusive apprenticeship programs earn money while they gain on-the-job training and life-long skills to succeed in high growth, high demand fields.
  • Apprenticeship intermediaries focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility can reach underserved populations and create career pathways for people with disabilities in the current and future workplace.
  • Employers can benefit from hiring people with disabilities through increased revenue, greater retention, attraction of a more diverse customer base, and a more inclusive and accessible workplace culture.

Employers who champion disability inclusion earn 28% higher revenue.

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Why now?

There’s a wealth of untapped talent

Inclusive apprenticeship programs can drive career pathways for youth and adults with disabilities in growing industries including clean energy, healthcare, IT, cybersecurity, and more.

Employers seek skilled workers

Recruiters are concerned about finding quality talent (PDF). Inclusive apprenticeship programs can bring a wealth of untapped talent to fill critical positions.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility
(DEIA) is a priority

Organizations are investing in DEIA. Inclusive apprenticeships can help employers build a more inclusive workplace and adhere to regulations related to hiring diverse employees, including those with disabilities.

Telework is

Telework offers opportunities to attract untapped talent. Inclusive apprenticeships help employers identify a new pool of candidates and understand the accessibility needs of employees.