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Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce through apprenticeship 

Taking apprenticeships to the next level

Apprenticeship programs help employers train their future workforce and enable individuals to gain paid work experience and training. The Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA) helps design diverse and inclusive apprenticeship programs that are accessible to all.

What is PIA?

PIA collaborates with employers and apprenticeship intermediary organizations (AIOs) to design inclusive apprenticeship programs that meet employer talent needs and enable people with disabilities to gain credentials and skills to succeed in growing industries.

Benefits of inclusive apprenticeships

  • Inclusive apprenticeships help employers build a diverse and inclusive workforce of trained professionals, and employers that invest in hiring persons with disabilities receive financial benefits.
  • People with disabilities enrolled in inclusive apprenticeship programs earn money while they gain on-the-job training and life-long skills to succeed in growing industries.
  • AIOs focused on diversity and inclusion can reach underserved populations and contribute to the employment success of people with disabilities in the current and future workplace.

Employers who champion disability inclusion earn 28% higher revenue.

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Why now?

job search
People with disabilities
need jobs

Only 33.6% of adult job seekers with disabilities are employed. Inclusive apprenticeship programs can help close this gap by increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Talent is hard
to find

Recruiters are concerned about finding quality talent. Inclusive apprenticeship programs can provide a pipeline of trained workers to fill positions.

diverse workforce
Diversity and inclusion
(D&I) is a priority

Organizations are investing in D&I. Inclusive apprenticeships can help employers build a more inclusive workplace and adhere to regulations related to hiring diverse employees, including those with disabilities.

Telework is

Telework offers opportunities to attract untapped talent. Inclusive apprenticeships help employers identify a new pool of candidates and understand the accessibility needs of employees.


#ApprenticeshipWorks Guide for Individuals

A guide for individuals with disabilities from U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) offers youth with disabilities an overview on pursuing inclusive career paths through apprenticeship. Read more.

Effective Employer Engagement Practices: Observations from Select Technology Apprenticeship Programs

Based on interviews with program implementers, this report from Jobs for the Future provides recommendations on effective practices to engage employers in tech-centered apprenticeship programs. Read more.

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