Apprenticeship for All Podcast

Join PIA and leading HR blog to explore how inclusive apprenticeship programs are increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Invisible Disabilities and the Workplace

Episode 4: Devin Boyle, Director of Communications for PIA

Devin BoyleInclusive apprenticeship programs help employers build a diverse and inclusive workforce of trained professionals, including those with mental health disabilities. Devin Boyle, Director of Communications for PIA, dispels the myths and stigma around mental health, opens up about her own bipolar disorder and PTSD, and discusses the benefits of hiring apprentices and employees with mental health and other invisible disabilities.

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Jennifer CarlsonHow Apprenticeships Support Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech Workplace

Episode 3: Jennifer Carlson, Executive Director of WTIA Workforce Institute.

Inclusive apprenticeship programs can help employers train their future workforce. Jennifer said “We can’t create enough talent out of the traditional university ranks. We’re graduating approximately 75,000 people a year from computer science degrees, which is the first line of defense where companies go for talent. On average, there are 3 million jobs posted in tech every year. Investing in creating new talent is actually more effective and less costly, and it creates a more loyal workforce for companies that are making this investment.”

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Sassy Outwater Wright HeadshotCreating a Diverse Workforce through Apprenticeship

Episode 2: Sassy Outwater-Wright, executive director of the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI)

More and more companies are discovering a proven strategy for building a highly-skilled workforce to grow and to thrive: apprenticeship programs. Combining classroom instruction with on-the-job training, apprenticeship programs can help your company bring new and more diverse talent into the workplace.

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Vinz Koller HeadshotWhy hiring apprentices with disabilities improves companies’ bottom line

Episode 1: Vinz Koller, Senior Strategist for Capacity Building at Social Policy Research (SPR) Associates, discusses what employers and HR leaders should know about the benefits of investing in inclusive apprenticeship programs.

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