Developing and Implementing an Affirmative Action Program (AAP)


An AAP requires the sponsor to take affirmative steps to encourage and promote equal opportunity, to create an environment free from discrimination, and to address barriers to equal opportunity.

Many sponsors must develop and maintain an affirmative action program, although certain sponsors are exempt (read more about exemption). The components of the written plan must be made available to the Registration Agency upon request. The AAP (and corresponding written plan) should include the following:

  • Utilization analysis for race, sex, and ethnicity
  • Establishment of utilization goals for race, sex, and ethnicity
  • Utilization goals for individuals with disabilities
  • Targeted outreach, recruitment, and retention
  • Review of personnel processes
  • Invitations to self-identify

When your program is ready to start writing an Affirmative Action Plan, follow these steps:

Conducting Utilization Analyses for Registered Apprenticeship Programs

The EEO regulations for Registered Apprenticeship require certain sponsors of RAPs to conduct demographic analyses. RAP sponsors that are required to develop affirmative action programs must perform these analyses to verify that all available and qualified job seekers from diverse groups are given equal access to participate in apprenticeship programs.

For more information and help conducting this analysis: