Registered Apprenticeship Technical Assistance Centers of Excellence

man instructing a young man learing a new job at a factory

Did You Know?

lighbulbTo facilitate expansion of Registered Apprenticeship programs, DOL recently awarded nearly $31 million to establish four Registered Apprenticeship Technical Assistance Centers of Excellence to provide technical assistance to apprenticeship programs and their enrolled trainees.

Located in key areas, the RA-TA Centers of Excellence will seek to create successful and inclusive talent pipelines that meet the needs of today’s industries, workers and communities. Centers of Excellence will provide technical assistance to employers and industry to build out model-registered apprenticeship programs across a range of industries and jobs, including those in America’s critical supply chains.

The centers will also work across public and private sector partners to expand opportunities in Registered Apprenticeship for women, youth, people of color, rural communities, justice-involved individuals and people with disabilities.

The RA-TA Centers of Excellence awardees are: