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Transcript: Empowering Stories from Black Women in Inclusive Apprenticeships

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Return to Empowering Stories from Black Women in Inclusive Apprenticeships webinar page Hi everyone, welcome to our Empowering Stories from Black Women in Inclusive Apprenticeships today, on the last day of Black History Month. My name is Lauren Rabb, I’m a project manager here at the Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship. We’re really excited to have everyone joining us today. Just to let you all know a few things before I pass it off to my colleagues, this webinar is going to be recorded. We’ll be posting that recording and as well as the resources that we discuss on the PIA website in the coming days as well as on the Office of Apprenticeship website as well. We will do Q&A at the end. This is kind of a tight one-hour session that we have today, so I want to be sure we have time for everyone to hear the great stories from our panelists. But feel free to add your questions in the chat whenever it comes to your mind. But we probably won’t be addressing them verbally until the Q&A session at the end. There is live CART captioning available in this session if you go to the meeting controls toolbar at the bottom of your screen click on the Show Captions icon and…

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