Making Your Apprenticeship Program Inclusive

three people icons connected by linesOnce you have identified how you will fund your registered apprenticeship program, it’s time to consider how you will make your program truly inclusive to reap the benefits mentioned above. Below are resources for making your apprenticeship program more inclusive, especially for people with disabilities.

Check Out Our Guide

Whether you’re ready to recruit people with disabilities to join your apprenticeship program, seeking information on best practices to launch an inclusive apprenticeship program, or simply searching for best practices to make your program more accessible, PIA’s “Designing Inclusive Apprenticeships: A Guide for Recruiting & Training Apprentices with Disabilities” provides tools to support your success. The guide is designed to help apprenticeship intermediaries and employers create more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible apprenticeship programs. It includes recommendations, resources, and accessibility considerations to effectively source, engage, and support apprentices with disabilities.

Listen to Our Podcast

Join PIA and leading HR blog on our Apprenticeship for All Podcast to explore how inclusive apprenticeship programs are increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Review Our Resource Library

Do you want to learn more about inclusive apprenticeship programs and how you can get involved? Browse our resource library for resources geared toward employers, apprenticeship intermediaries, and apprentices.